Sep 20, 2015

Easy Sunday...

The secret of being happy is accepting where you are in
 life and making the most of everyday...

Don't feel like doing much today.  We woke up a little late and I still feel sorta "lazy."
Brutus has developed the habit of sleeping in everyday with us.  Makes it even more
 difficult to want to get out of the bed.  Arvid says, "he keeps me so warm."

Arvid is not one to get super friendly with the neighbors, but while I was away in Florida
he met a couple.  They started talking and next thing you know they are both into the 
same kind of cars.  Arvid had told me that he went to their apartment for a drink, 
and suddenly today we got another invitation for drinks and dinner.

Arvid is not that friendly so we declined dinner and accepted the invite for drinks.
Will be nice especially since Arvid said they had a killer view.  Arvid loves killer views.

Sunday we do our usual outing and today we will try out Houlihan's.  We had
drinks there the other day, and I checked the menu last night.  Baby back ribs did it for 
Arvid, and the skinny raspberry mojito did it for me.  We are now both happy about that choice.

The morning is still on the cooler side and I am loving it.  Arvid has some games to watch,
and I am most likely going out and checking out the city and Macy's.  Fun day.

As long as we are in Chicago we try to use the hot tub and pool regularly.
Last night was very chilly so it made for a more enjoyable experience.

To all a good Sunday.  Remember everyday may not be a good day,
but there is always something good about each day.  Let it work for you.

Some days you have to create your own sunshine.
Don't wait for the perfect moment.  Take the moment and make it perfect...