Sep 21, 2015

Monday Again...

New day.  New week.  New possibilities...

Sunday was really good.  Arvid watched some soccer games.  We did some cleaning.
Had to remove all the paint that was stuck to the floors and then I took off to the stores. 
 Of course, it was Macy's.  All I managed to cover was part of the 4th floor.

After a few hours I had to leave and go meet up with Arvid for lunch.  That was also
 very good.  I had a New York Strip and Arvid the Baby Back Ribs. Of course 
Arvid said, "they were actually very good, but not like Flannigans."

So we tried a few things.
We made friends with a couple in the building (yes we did!) and we even went up to
their apartment for drinks.  Very nice down to earth people.  No wonder we got along
so well with them.  Is it terrible to be envious (in a good way) of their view?

We had a very nice time and stayed until it started to get cold.  Back in our apartment,
Brutus was patiently waiting for us.  As soon as Arvid sat down to watch TV.
 Brutus jumped right up on his lap and proceeded to take another nap.

 Monday morning and believe me when I tell you we have a lot to do.  Hope everyone
had a very relaxing and pleasant weekend and is ready to make the most of this week.
Time to get rolling and to get busy.  Happy Monday everyone.  Make it count!

Monday!  New start.  New beginning.  New perspective.  Make today count...