Sep 18, 2015


It's Friday morning happy hour.  A round of coffee for everyone...

Thursdays are Farmers Market days.  I look forward to going there every Thursday 
because of all the fresh produce and all the goodies that is being given away as samples.

Last week I bought a brown cheese that needs to be heated before eaten.  
Simply delicious and of course could not resist trying some more samples today.

When Arvid was alone for a few days he discovered places we had not been to.
He has been telling me about all the different food vendors there so yesterday he 
took me there to check them out.  He did not exaggerate.  Lots of food in one place.
 I decided to treat him to lunch.  He is simple and Pizza it was for him.

Friday already.  The day is currently on the cloudy side, but hoping it will get better.
Arvid has a few business calls to make to he has been awake early today.  Norway is now
7 hours behind so he has to be on the ball a little earlier when here in Chicago.

Brutus was not too happy to wake up that early, but now that he is awake he's happy
because today begins his 5 days (hopefully) without pill.  Rest period.
He still thinks I might grab him so he is threading very cautiously.

Weekends in Chicago are just about the best times ever.  There is always
 so much going on and so much to do.  Just hope the weather behaves.

To all a good Friday and may the weekend be an amazing one as well.

Happy Friday everyone.  Forget all the bad things you have 
encountered this week and have a great weekend...