Sep 24, 2015


Smile like a money with a new banana...

Yesterday was 6 days for Brutus without the pill.  We were hoping to go at least 10 days,
sadly this morning when I woke up I saw the start of what will soon become open 
wounds.  Of course I started him on the pill again, and he's not happy.

Arvid paints a little everyday so that it can dry and Brutus does not walk  all over it.
Yesterday we had to move the suitcases around.  I told Arvid that Brutus will be stressed
 thinking we are about to leave him again.  I said, "his paw will start to act up."  Well it has. 
 Maybe that's not the reason, but whatever it is I caught it before it got really ugly.

The temperatures are really nice right now.  The entire week will will be in the mid 70F  
(23C).  Not bad at all.  Today is market day and that also makes for a very nice walk.

Some more painting today and that should be the last of it.  Soon we will be going
 back to Florida.  Happy about that as well.  Need more medication for Brutus
 and for myself.  I also have quite a few doctors appointment to go to.

Starting to miss my car and my favorite places back home in Florida.  Don't miss
the heat at all, but it is home and it is where we have everything we need.  At the same
 time I'm a little sad because it's not that many days left for us here in Chicago,
 and it won't be until next year summertime again until we get back here.

To all a very good Thursday.  Remember whatever you do
do it with gusto and always try to have a good time.

YAY!  Tomorrow is Friday, then the weekend begins...