Sep 8, 2015

Feels Good...

Life is what you make it.....

It's good to be the 3 of us again.  Been 10 days we were in different states.  Was good 
to be in Florida and do a few of the things I don't normally get to do, but it's even
 better to be here with Arvid and do the things we like to do together.

As it is with Arvid, whenever I am not around he does something crazy to surprise me. 
 He's just a romantic at heart.  More so than me actually.  I love him for it 
and though he does not always know it, I love his surprises.

Brutus adapted to his new surrounding right away.  He found and used his litter without
 problems not help from us.  He eats well and drinks his water.  We are happy that this is so. 
 He was the perfect kitty in the plane.  He never "said" even a meow.  At the airport 
everyone was complimenting me on what a beautiful kitty he is and how shiny
 his fur is.  Of course I agreed with them all.  It is after all the truth.  
Brutus is beautiful and he is well cared for and that you can see.

He was very happy to see his dada.  The first night he checked out every corner of the 
apartment.  The apartment is not big so it did not take him tat long to see it all and
 claim his spots.  He has many of his same beds here so for him it is all familiar.

Arvid is super happy to see us.  He's still in his happy stage.  Haha. Have to make the 
of it.  He took me to this very good steak restaurant.  One of our favorites when 
in Chicago.  Smith and Wollensky.  Just great food.  After dinner we went to 
our favorite restaurant at the Marina and listened to some very lively music 
from the 70's and 80's.  Was very good. I even had o Hawaiian Mojito.

We had such a good time on Sunday we decided to go there again yesterday. 
 Once again there was music, great weather and good food.  You can say that
 we are enjoying Chicago very much.  Best city during summertime.

In between all of the fun we are also working very hard. Right now we are 
working on fixing up the apartment and making it cosier for us.  Arvid works
 and works all day long.  I work as well, but he does all the hard stuff.

Yesterday was just perfect. We accomplished quite a bit and we also enjoyed 
ourselves.  Today more of the same so to all of you, have a great 
day and don't forget to make each day count.

The day is what you make of it, so why not make it a great one?....