Sep 27, 2015


I have so much to be thankful for...

In a better mood today.  Yesterday Brutus had me very worried because he was crying 
all the time.  These heart and soul wrenching cries.  This is not normal for him so of 
course I was frantically worried all day.  Had no clue why he was doing it. By the
 evening he got better so Arvid and I decided to take a nigh out in town.

As a treat to me I decided to go out for an early morning walk and have a cafe.

Next thing you know i was gone for over an hour.  The scenery is so beautiful I just
had to stop every so often and get pictures.  Don't think I can ever get tired of this city.  Ever.

The flowers bloom beautifully in the middle of the city.  Make for one amazingly 
beautiful place.  Everyone who walk this city is constantly stopping to take pictures.

No matter where you go in the city there is always amazing scenery.

The city at night is undoubtedly one of the prettiest we have seen.

Last night Arvid and I went to Blue Chicago to listen to music.  Very tiny place, but
as Arvid says, "perfect for the Blues."  As usual we walked and the sights at nigh is just
as amazing as the scenery during the day.  We could not stop from repeating how
much we are going to miss this city.  Arvid told the couple we visited last week
that if it was not for the winters in Chicago we would live here all year long.
 I know he thinks this way, but first time I actually heard him say it.

As I write this and see the pictures, I can't stop thinking how fortunate we
are to be able to enjoy this city and also Fort Lauderdale.  Happy Sunday to all.

Sometimes life gives you a second chance because 
just maybe the first time you were not ready...