Jun 8, 2016

A Little Stressed...

I don't think people understand how stressful it is to explain what's going
 on in your head when you don't even understand it yourself...

Monday we took Sniff to the vet. He was still not eating and he had also started to sneeze. 
 Plus I just knew I would feel better knowing that he was OK.  This is the same vet we
 took Brutus to when inn Chicago.  Lots of emotions went through me as we sat
 with Sniff waiting for the doctor.  It was Brutus all over again.

I looked at Sniff Sniff and he was scared.  I saw Brutus and he was scared.  It was
overwhelming especially when the doctor alarmed us rather than put us at ease.  We knew 
Sniff had a cold and we knew he would need antibiotics, but the doctor carried on on 
how we needed to do a "comprehensive" blood test to rule out organ damages because 
Sniff had gone so long with out food or water.  Like I would let that happen.

 I'm not stupid.  I fed Sniff with a syringe for all those days.  I gave him food and water. 
 I even pushed soft foodies in his mouth by hand.  It was messy, but that's what you
 have to do.  Sniff Sniff is such a good kitty.  I could tell he was hungry because 
he did not fight me.  He just stayed on the counter top as I fed him.  I believe 
he was not able to smell his foodies that's why he was not eating.  

The vet also gave him an appetite stimulant.  That worked lie a charm.  As soon as we 
got home Sniff ate soft foodies all by himself.  Yes, sounds like nothing, but for me 
it was a great relief.  I just hope he stays healthy and gets better again.

Arvid and I have been busy with so many things that needs to be done in the apartment.
  Always something to do.  Sniff has not been sleeping throughout the nights, and of course
Arvid hears everything.  Says he's not getting enough sleep.  That's putting it mildly.

Last night we actually went to listen to music.  Here in Chicago our lifestyle is so different
 than when in Florida.  Here there is live Blues everyday in many places, and the fact
 that we don't have to "work" so much as when  in Florida makes it a little easier
to do a few fun things during the week as well.  Let's see how it goes.

My priority is to make sure Sniff Sniff is better soon.  That he feels safe in his new home, and
that our stress level is low.  The days have been beautiful so far.  We take little walks everyday.
 Sniff is sleeping peacefully right now.  Eating better and is playing a little more.

Our apartment has one picture hanging on the wall.  It's Brutus.  Last year before we left
the last thing Arvid did was hang that picture.  He said, "so when we come back
 next year it's the first thing we will see.  Means we are home."  That Brutus
 stole my heart, and I miss him all the time.  Everyday.  How I miss him.

Wednesday already.  The day is looking good and we have a lot to do.
Happy Wednesday all.  Have a beautiful day.

You may not be here with me, but thoughts of you are always in my heart...
I'm missing you so so very much.  I miss you.  I don't know what else to say...