Jun 27, 2016

Macy's Chicago..

Dream as if you will live forever.  Live as if you will die today.  Imagine with
 all your mind.  Believe with all your heart.  Achieve with all your might...

One of the things I really enjoy while in Chicago is going to Macy's.  It's huge and I can 
spend quite some hours just looking, and of course I always find something I really "need."

I also have a few "friends" in the mall that believe it or not have now been there for a few years. 
 I always go and talk to them, and before you know it quite some time has gone by.  Arvid 
always wonders what it is I can talk about with all these people.  Not sure what it is,
 but I have a good time.  Yesterday was no exception.  I made a new friend and
 for the remaining of the summer will chat with her whenever I am at Macy's.

I try to tell Arvid to go and check around for stuff he might need.  He goes, but is back in a flash. 
 He does not like malls, but Macy's as so much going on that it's difficult to understand
 why he can't find anything.  There is a sports bar at the lower level with beers and 
lots of screens.  He loves to watch TV, but not on these outings.  Go figure.

A week or so ag we went together because he needed a few jackets.  He forgot his in
 Florida, and going to Norway is the same as here.  You never know when the weather will 
change.  You need something to block the wind.  I was hoping we would look around a bit, 
but nope!  We went straight to the men's department and withing a half our, maybe less we got
 him his two jackets and were on our way home.  Shopping for him is: you go.  You get.  You leave.

For me it's an experience.  Every time.  I walk around.  Look.  Try on stuff.  talk to everyone 
I meet.  Maybe get a little something or not, and definitely end up at the coffee shop.  In this 
case Starbucks.  Macy's has as least 3 coffee shops (that I can remember)  maybe more.
I love to look at the fountain, and the beautiful displays always there.  Just pretty

I had a little time on my own on Saturday night.  Was great.  Did what I liked and,
Arvid did not even know he got me stuff.  Well now he does.  Sometime this week we plan
on going again and hopefully he will get me something else.  It's more for him really.

To all a very good day and may the new week be prosperous and productive.
It's Monday.  The beginning of one beautiful week.  Greetings from Chicago to all.

The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change his future by
 merely changing his attitude.  Rise up and attack the day with enthusiasm...