Jun 22, 2016

Regular Day..

When you wake up thinking "it's just another day...
'That when you know it's time for change...

Living downtown Chicago means no car.  That is it is so much better to NOT have a car.  
One there is hardly anywhere to park, and if you do find a parking spot it is VERY expensive. 
 Every so often if we need the use of a car, Arvid would rent it.  We do some bulky
 shopping, definitely Home Depot, pet store, one of my favorites, Bed Bath and 
Beyond and so forth.  But not having a car is actually a relief here. 

Before we left Florida we already booked a car for a few road trips we will be
 taking in the next few months.  Even though we don't need a car, the days we
 rent one are very exciting.  I make long lists of things we need to get
as does Arvid.  We just like driving bottom line.

Another outing in the hot tub.  Arvid does this weird contortion to keep his
leg out of the hot tub.  Something to do with the blood clot and the fact that the hot
 tub is not recommended because it can cause the clot to move.  But it does
 not stop us from going.  It just too good to not go.  We love it.

One thing about us, we really don't care what anyone says or thinks.  It looked strange
 the way Arvid was positioned.  I actually told him that anyone coming would think
he was just doing yoga.  And what happens?  The first time we went a girl
came and that's exactly what she thought.  Very funny.  The other day we had
the hot tub all to ourselves so no one noticed any of his contortions

Sniff is getting more and more comfortable with his surroundings.  We could not be any
happier.  I look at Sniff and I love him, but every so often I catch myself and
 remind myself that he's Sniff and not Brutus.  I will not lie.  I miss
 my Brutus everyday.  I don't dwell on it, it's just how it is.  

Our days are busy.  Still lots of little things that need to done.  Arvid and Sniff working as 
a team, and when Sniff really gets in the way he gets a little reprimand.  Sniff is glued to 
Arvid.  Arvid moves Sniff moves faster and always in front of him.  We have to be
 extremely careful to not step on him.  Sometimes it's really difficult.

Life is good here for us.  Sniff and us are already having patterns and routines.
Sniff is so much like Brutus that sometimes when I look at him I think I see Brutus.  But then
of course I realize it was just a trick of the light.  My Brutus is not here, but he is always
with me. I miss that kitty more than anyone would ever know.  Sniff makes life good again.

Sometimes we focus so much on what we don't have 
that we fail to see, appreciate, and use what we do have...!”