Jun 29, 2016

Another Beautiful Day In Chicago..

I love how summer just wraps its arms around you like a warm blanket...

No matter where where we go, mornings are always special.  Quiet.  Peaceful and just Sniff 
and I awake while Arvid sleeps.  Sometimes Sniff is also laying in bed, but as soon as I move 
he starts howling for food.  A beautiful sound to wake up to.  Of course not for Arvid.  

He needs a lot more sleep than we do.  Coffee time is the mornings are maybe my most favorite
 times of the day.  I just sit back relax, enjoy the view.  Enjoy Sniff and yes, always always 
remember the times I shared with Brutus and for a short while with Shadow.  My heart
 never forgets and my mind never shuts down when it comes to my Brutus.

Yesterday was beautiful.  Just like the last few days, but it was cooler and for walking
purposes it was great.  Of course the "Viking" in the family was cold.  He had to have on
 his long sleeved "thick" sweater as he calls it.  Not sure how Arvid survived all those
years in Norway, because as soon as the temperature hits 78F (26C), he's COLD!!!

On our walk yesterday Arvid was happy because he found Pepsi on sale.  The man loves a
 sale, especially a sale on Pepsi.  Go figure.  He's funny and we have good times together.

The days are going by fast.  Soon we will be going to Norway and we will see everyone.
Looking forward to that, but I know I get restless at times.  Every year I promise myself
to be more relaxed.  This year maybe I can.  There is no Brutus to worry about.

How I miss him.  How I miss him. Looking forward to seeing everyone and having a
few of our favorite Norwegian treats.  Summertime.  Such a good time.  Hopefully the weather
will be better than last year.  Always can hope to see a new place in Norway.  I would
 love to see some of it's mountains one year.  Arvid does not like mountains
 so it's going to be a little struggle to get him to go.  Part of the "fun"

Another cool day begins today.  Also today is laundry day.  Maybe depending on how
 I feel and how the schedule looks.  Have not checked, so will take my chances that
the elevator will not be too busy.  Somehow our days have been very busy.

 We have been doing lots of "fixing" up you can say.  Mostly small things, but they
take lots of time.  Especially when I has to be done within the soccer schedule.

To all a very good day.  May the summertime fill your days with sunshine and warmth.
 I leave with you a picture of yesterday's sunset.  Just AMAZING!!!  Stunner if I may say so.

Life is a lesson, you will learn it when you are through.  You must go through your
 worst to arrive at your best.  Wake up and spend everyday with a smile...