Jun 15, 2016

Nirvana Kimberly... A Force All By Herself

Some people are special cause of what they say or what they do, but you are special 
to me because of  who you are in my life, and the way you care and 
treat others. Just by being you,  you've made all the difference...

Kimsy was born in Puerto Rico in 1997.  She is 19 years old today and just like Reshma, 
I look at her and I don't know where the years have gone by.  Time is going by too fast.

 We last saw Kimsy May of last year.  Arvid and I went to Puerto Rico for her graduation. 
 I look at her and seeing the beautiful young lady she is today made me realize that I 
am a very lucky aunt and it makes me miss her very much.  I have beautiful
 nieces who are both wonderful inside and outside and who loves me.  
Can one get any luckier?  Don't think so.  I am blessed.

Kimsy grew up Bilingual.  Now she is also fluent in French and I think she has picked up
 some additional languages due to all the international travelling she has been doing.  
On Sunday Kimsy and her mom took went to India.  Kimsy has an internship at a hospital
 in India and will be living there for the next two months.  Honestly I can't keep up
 with my nieces and nephews.  The are always on the move.

Kimsy is the celebrity in our family.  Her life is centered around the who is who,
but even so she is one of the most kindhearted, grounded young lady always there to help
out. To know Kimsy is to love her.  She is soft spoken and a fierce defender of 
her brother J.  After graduation she began college life in Harvard.  She now
 lives in Connecticut, but still jets around. I just adore her free spirit.

Just thinking of her and I smile.  The girl is just lovable.  I remember one year when
 visiting them in Puerto Rico, she insisted we go to the Care Bear Shop, and get
 ourselves a care Bear.  She already had a huge collection, but just seeing her 
so excited made me get caught up in the moment.  So we both walked 
out of there with new care Bears and a big smile.  Brutus had some 
good times with Lil Mysulf as mine was called.  My Brutus.

Thinking about her makes me long to see her, J and my sister.  
All my nieces and nephews are SMART!, but there is something about the girls 
that take them to another level.  Kimsy is no exception.  She excels in everything. 
 If there is something that needs to be done, guess who was volunteering?  

My beautiful niece is all grown up.  You are unique and special, and the 
world is an open book.  Happy Birthday and we hope we can see you all soon. 
 Go on and conquer the world.  Don't ever stop Kimsy.  Live life to the fullest always.

There will always be people in your life to tell you U can't.
Look them in the eyes and and say WATCH me....!