Jun 3, 2016

Hello's From Chicago...

Home is an invention which no one has yet improved.
Home is any four walls that enclose the right person....

Greetings from Chicago.  

The apartment looks really good even though it was closed up for 8 months.  Pretty soon 
Arvid and I will be enjoying the balcony and the views while Sniff sleeps like the baby 
he is.  Hopefully he will get used to it, and like Brutus enjoy life here in Chicago.

Scenes from Chicago.  Brutus no matter where he lived with us, he always found the
 best spots to enjoy the views.  I am missing him terribly right now.  As we came
 into the apartment I felt like my heart was breaking again in pieces.  

Yes, I love Sniff Sniff, but remember that for 9 years Brutus was my life.  We took him
 to Chicago from 2010 until last year.  We took him to the Bahamas.  It will take me 
some time, but one day I will get there.  For now I have to make sure Sniff Sniff
 is good and has everything he needs. Sniff Sniff is good for us.  Yes he is.

Good morning everyone.  It's good to be back in the Windy City.  
Brutus, mama and dada came home without you...again.  I love this city, but I loved
 it more because you were here with us.  I miss you so very much, but now we
 have Sniff Sniff.  I love him, but Brutus you will forever be my baby.

Let the good times roll..