Jun 20, 2016

All About Family...

Family, an anchor during rough waters.  Family is like music,
 some high notes, some low notes, but always a beautiful song...

Not many days, but what we did have we made the most of.  We always do.

I am always so very happy to see how well Arvid gets along with everyone, and everyone 
just loves him.  Lilly Vade is always chasing him and he does not mind.  Like all
 girls, Lilly Vade, my youngest niece can talk non stop, can do anything better
 than her brothers and is into everything.  To know her is to love her.

Being around family is great, but with that also comes a lot of confusion and a lot of "noise."
I loved it.  Arvid never complains, but I knnow he likes his quiet time very much be it
 when we are with my family or his.  Another thing he likes is breakfast alone.

On this trip we stayed in the same hotel with Nina and family, and every morning we had
 breakfast together.  Was good and even Arvid did not have anything to say about it.  He liked
 it as much especially whenever he and my niece Danielle started one of their "discussions."

All of us were at Rima's for Gabby's graduation get-together.  It could not have been a 
better time.  We talked, we laughed and thhere was even soccer that Sachin and Arvid
 watched until very late into the night.  They got all the others very caught up in the game, 
and before you knew it everyone was cheering and screaming as the goals were scored.  

No home is ever complete without a pet.  Here it is no exception.  Marley is the big black
Labrador and Dexter the little Pomeranian.  Of course both dogges took a special liking to
 Arvid.  Marley followed him everywhere.  Arvid was afraid of him because he's so big.  Marley
 is big, but still a baby and just wants to play, but Arvid was not having any of it.  Dexy on the
 other hand just laid down next to Arvid, and watched the game or just slept.  Arvid liked it.

I have had a wonderful time, and I look forward to the next time together.  Next family 
gathering is in Norway.  That will also be good times to remember.  Like I said time
 spent with family is always the best of times.  There is no one like family. 

To all a very good day and an excellent start of the new work week.

Having somewhere too go is home.  Having somene to love is family.
Having both is a blessing.  Family... where life begins and love never ends...