Jun 16, 2016

Hello Thursday...

I know everything happens for a reason.  
But sometimes I wish I knew what that reason was...

The last few days we have been doing rearranging the unit a little.  Arvid assembling furniture,
 and always lots of cleaning involved.  It is finally starting to look cozy and more like
 home again.  Sniff is so comfy these days that it is just a pleasure to see him so
 happy, not afraid and eating normally again.  He's happy we're happy.

Here in Chicago we do not have a washer and dryer unit in our apartment.  For many this would
 be disastrous, but for us it is no big deal.  Arvid actually is happy about this.  Says we get 
less dust, and the apartment does not get so hot.  Yes he always see's the bright side
 of everything.  I agree with some of it.  Not all.  I do the laundry and he does 
he fixing up of whatever needs fixing.  Then we clean up together.

We live on the 34th floor and the laundry room is on the 2nd, somehow it seems just
natural when in Chicago to do it this way.  Of course before doing laundry I check the
schedule of the elevator.  Everyday there are move in and move outs, and deliveries.
Depending on that is when we do the laundry.  Everything has to be perfectly timed.

Arvid and Sniff have become very attached.  Sniff loves his Dada very much and every
 morning you will find him snuggled close to Arvid.  Arvid loves it because he
says it keeps him warm.  If Arvid moves, you guessed it, Sniff moves.

My sister and Kimsy are having a blast in India.  Yesterday for Kimsy's birthday
their guide treated them to dinner complete with a cake and roses for Kimsy.

Here all is well.  We have been interviewing different sitters for Sniff Sniff.  Not so
easy to come across someone you can trust.  We thought we had a teenager in the building,
but unfortunately it did not work out.  Let's say I was not happy with her, so she was fired
before she even started.  Sad because having someone in the building is best.

The above was just thorwn in for fun.  Do I believe it?  Not necessarily, but FB thinks
that this best describes me.  I really like the one that says I have someone watching over me.
  I have always know that I have a guardian angel up above.  His name is Paul Michael
Riley.  I want to believe that Brutus and Shadow are playing together and they
 know how much I love them and how much I miss them.  I will always love you.

To all a very good day.  I leave you with a few scenes from Chicago.

They say, "difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations"...