Jun 21, 2016

Back Home...

We are not given a good life or a bad life.  We are given a life.
It is up to us to make it good or bad...

Back home again.  Home is always best no matter who we visit.  My family or Arvid's family.  
While visiting we always have a good time, but as you know there is no place like home.
Sniff was not dancing with joy when he saw us.  Unlike Brutus who used to miss us 
like crazy, Sniff was like,"Oh you're back?  About time."  

After about an hour then Sniff started to "talk" like crazy and then is when he 
decided to eat his soft foodies.  I guess my friend Anna was right.  Sniff had lots 
of attention when we were gone and was happy.  He's such a good kitty.

Weather wise it is beautiful right now.  Warm, but cool in the mornings.  Arvid and I already 
had our first walk for the day and hopefully later today we will head out again along the lake,
 and feed the duckies.  We really enjoy that in Chicago, plus the walks are just beautiful.

Yesterday was very hot when we got home.  We had a long drive, it rained quite a bit,
 and before coming home we made a few pit stops.  Pet Smart for Sniff, Trader Joe's
 for a few treats, and the grocery store.  Overall we made good use of our time.

After any trip no matter how short or how long there is lots to do.  Catching
 up with , work, laundry, cleaning and some other chores today.  Spending time with 
Sniff and just enjoying the nice weather and views.  Last night the moon was amazing. 
 Arvid refused to get up from watching TV to look at it.  I was there enjoying it.

I hope everyone is having a good week so far.  I miss my family already.  I miss Lilly Vade
 a lot.  She is as Arvid said, "a non-stop chatter box."  Love her like crazy.  Was good 
seeing them, hopefully will see Nirvana and family sometime this year, but she and 
Kimsy are enjoying so very fun times in India.  The have a very awesome guide, 
and now friend who takes them everywhere and now is a good friend as well. 

To all a very good day.  Life in Chicago is good.  Sniff is doing great.  As
 always we enjoy being here.  For me it's not exactly the same.  I am missing my Brutus,
but it is still a beautiful city with lots to do and lots to see.  When the weather behaves.

You have no idea what people are dealing with in their 
personal lives, so just be nice.  Its that simple...