Nov 2, 2016

A New Day...

Never forget yesterday, but live for today. You never 
know what tomorrow can bring, or what it can take away...

Rise and shine everyone for a new day is about to begin and from my 
end it is looking fabulous!  Hope your day is also a spectacular 
one and that your day is filled with all things good.

Early in the morning from our living room.  I'm sure this is a sign of better days ahead.
The last few days have been filled with ups and downs.  I have been thinking so much of
 Brutus and Shadow.  On the 5th it will be one year since Brutus died and 8 months for Shadow.

  It has not been the best year for me.  As I was looking at pictures of Brutus and 
Shadow, Arvid came over and suddenly we were both in tears.  Tears for the little Boysie 
we loved and who was no longer with us.  How I miss him.  How I ache over Shadow.

I am sure better days are coming.  Because nothing lasts forever.  Even this 
sadness in my heart one day has to be less painful.  I know because I lived through
 this before.  Many, many years ago.  As they say, it's not always easy but that's life.

You have to fight some of the bad days to earn some of the best days of your life...