Nov 7, 2016

Monday November 7th..

Never let the things you want make you forget the things you have...

Sniff has now been a part of our lives for 8 months.  Shadow died 8 months ago, 
and Brutus a year ago.  It has been a heck of a year, but this little kitty has been
 a blessing in so many ways and for that we are grateful.  He keeps us guessing and
 he's always pulling a new stunt.  Sometimes not always "good" stunts.

Sniff has saved me from losing it completely.  He keeps me laughing and though I miss
 my Brutus all the time, Sniff fills our life with new joy and a hope that the future is looking
 up in midst of sadness.  For that I can never stop saying thank you.  Our Sniff in 
so many ways reminds us of Brutus.  He also has a few of Shadow's hyperness. 
 It's a combination of all the ones we love put together in Sniff.

You know they say that there is always, always something to be thankful for. 
 Sniff is our thankfulness.  He's the little kitty that just keeps giving and I love him.

It is not happy people who are thankful.  It is thankful people who are happy.
Life is full of give and take.  Give thanks and take nothing for granted...