Nov 29, 2016

New Week Already...

Without new experiences something inside of us sleeps.
The sleeper must awaken.  Be open to whatever comes next...

Yesterday Arvid said to me, "I think we were both ready for this change." True,
 I wanted and needed a change, I thought it would lessen the pain in my heart. 
 The change in scenery has done us both good, but the one thing it cannot 
do is to stop my heart from hurting and my brain from thinking.

Yes we have been busy, we have been on the go.  By evening my body 
is exhausted but my thoughts are never at rest.  The brain keeps on working.

It has been cold here. Very cold. The other day as Arvid was chatting with my sister 
she told him how warm it was in Puerto Rico. When he was done talking to her
 he said to me "sounds good right now.  Did we do the right thing?"

All I can say is yes.  Arvid is happy with his trades.  He has traded for hotel stays
 for us when we first got here and once things settle down he says he will 
be busy running around.  Here there are quite a lot of people who just
 like Arvid are into trading. Even more so than back home.

The main reason why we are here after all.  Did I mention there were lots of
 cars for potential buyers here as well.  We do have a 3 car garage now 
and Arvid can't wait to "fill" it up.  Have to see how that goes.

As a new week begins we look forward to exciting new experiences.  Lots of 
new things to discover and explore.  We have already scouted out a few places 
this weekend and came out with quite some good deals.  Yes this place though cold 
looks promising. Arvid is in his element, and is as he says, "feeling better than ever."

Do we miss Florida?  Hard not to especially in this cold weather, but once
 you're indoors it's nice and warm.  We have made up our minds to give it a try.  If we
 see that the weather is too much to handle we can always go back home to Florida
 and just come to Branson in the summers.  Like many know there is no place like Florida 
during the winter.  Victoria puts it best when she said, "but you lived in Paradise."

To all a great week ahead.  May it be productive and rewarding.

Stay hungry.  Stay foolish.  Never let go of your appetite,
 to go after new ides, new experiences, new adventures...