Nov 1, 2016


You can't always be nice.  That's how people take advantage
 of you.  Sometimes you need to set boundaries...

I came back from visiting with family over a week now, yet it left quite an impression on me. 
 For starters  will tell you it was really good to be together with them, but it was even better
 to be in a hotel and have my own space.  Many of the families stayed in the same house.  

Something I DO NOT understand well nor do not think I will ever be able to do. 
 As Arrvid and I always say the best way to preserve a good relationship is to keep a 
little distance.  I'm still a little curious about how people can live so "together" all 
the time.  I like our quiet mornings.  Arvid for one is not a morning person.

I don't  like staying with anyone neither Arvid be it my family or his.  Not that we
 don't like each other, but our relationship is much better when we all have boundaries. 
I have a friend who texted me the other day she is staying with her son and 
daughter in law for a week maybe more depending on circumstances. 
 She said, "Nadiya I love them, but I really prefer my own space."

Well all I know is that for the peace of a good relationship it is always best to keep a
 little distance.  I see families go on vacations together, stay in the same house 
together, dine together do everything together, that is not for us. I like my space.
  I like my quiet mornings.  I like to be without makeup during the day. 
 I like to wear my comfy clothes which sometimes are quite "ugly"

Hope you all had a great and safe Halloween.  Lots of pictures were posted,
 but my favorites so far were the ones with family.  I saw happiness and good times.

To all a very good day.  Remember that in order to have good times a little
 distance is always good.  Makes for happier times and better making of memories that
 last a life time.  Happy Tuesday all.  The sun finally showed up this morning.

To all hope better days are in sight.  Sending you a little piece of sunshine.

Boundaries are, in simple terms, the recognition of personal space.
Some people don't grasp the concept of personal space...