Nov 16, 2016

Hello Wednesday...

November, the last month of autumn, but the beginning of a 
new adventure;  time to take risks and to do the unexpected...

One year and 16 days our Brutus has been dead now, but hey who is counting?  Today 
after all this time, at 4:40 am, I dreamt with Brutus.  After that there was no more sleep for me.
  He was in a men's room which I accidentally went into. I saw him and I picked him up. 

He had on a red collar. Means he had a new home.  That's the first thing that popped into 
my head.   My Brutus had a new home and another person who loved him. At first I was positive 
it was my Brutus. Then a little hesitant, but then I saw his paw and I knew it was him. 

My Brutus had a new home, but I was going to take him back with me because he was
 my Brutus. But he had a new home.  This is the first time in one year and 16 days that
 I have dreamt with my Brutus. Is this a sign? I have been awake since then.

When Arvid woke up I told him about my dream.  He said, "no, no, Brutus only
 had one home and that was with us."  We love you Brutus. Play with you little brother and 
know that mama and dada miss you and your brother, but we also have little Sniff.

Arvid and I have been on the road.  Of course somehow that trip "took" us to our 
favorite city.  Chicago.  I have to say we have been and are pleasantly surprised with the 
weather.  It's cold.  Very cold when compared too Florida, but on the other hand much 
better than what we expected.  The first 2 days were bright, sunny and "warm" 
Chicago style.  Enough of the cold though.  Soon time to find warmth again.

Some of what I captured of the super moon as we made our way into Chicago. Yes,
it's wintertime in Chicago, but the boats are still out and the scenery is still gorgeous.

Sniff Sniff is at home.  Waiting for me.  I have missed him, and am missing him, and 
look forward to soon seeing him again.  We have gotten accustomed to that little face.

Good morning world.  Wishing you all a great day.  Cold is coming to everyone
 and it sure is cold right now for us as well.  Bundle up.  Stay warm and like us enjoy
 hot chocolate and if possible stay under the covers for just those few extra minutes. 
 Makes a difference.  Leaving you with a Chicago sunrise.  Just amazing all the time.

November, please be good to me.
But baby, it's cold outside...