Nov 27, 2016

A Very Cold Sunday...

Never be afraid to try something new, because life gets boring when
 you stay within the limits of what you already know...

The limo travelled from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Branson, Missouri.

Scenery is dramatically different, but still have some of our favorite foodies.

One thing for sure it is quite a lot colder than what we are used to.
Some days it is even colder than Norway.  For now it's all OK,  hopefully soon it
will be time to go back to the sunshine state for warmth and sunshine.  Yay!

Sniff Sniff is happy here although at times he is a bit confused as to where he is.
He loves to run from window to window and check out everything that moves.
Falling leaves is something new to him.  Squirrels, deers and even the site of another
kitty cat keeps him busy to the point that he is totally exhausted from lack of sleep.

What I love best is that Sniff is always close to me.  His favorite spot is on the window
sill next to my desk in my office.  Yes, for the first time I have a space all of my own to
 call my office.  It is actually a "guest" bedroom, but the truth is, its my own space and
 I will find it very hard to give up.  Good thing is that there are many hotels here.

As with any move there is always so much to do.  We are still in that process
 of getting it all together.  Lucky for us, we are happy with our house
and that in itself is a good start. One thing for sure, it's not city life.

Yesterday was cloudy with fog most of the day.  Extremely cold.  35F/0C
This is definitely NOT the sunshine state.  Back in Florida life as always is
warm, sunny and the beach is calling me.  For now I can't go but soon...

Sunday.  Hopefully a relaxing day, but who knows?  Can change just like that.
Hello everyone.  Hope your Sunday is a good one and stay warm.  It is sure cold here.

And suddenly you know, it's time to start something new and trust
 the magic of beginnings. This is the start of something beautiful...