Nov 20, 2016

On The Road Again..

Sometimes a girl just needs wide open spaces...

Good morning to all.  Life for us seems to always lead us on a road trip.  We get 
the call and we are on the move.  Moving is what we like, at least some of the times. 
 I hated leaving Sniff alone, but it was for a short time and he was well cared for.

Life they say is in the here and now.  Not the tomorrow's and yesterday's.
And so we begin another road trip always seeking something new and exciting.
Our road trip leads us to Branson, Missouri.  Totally different from what we are used to.

Arvid is most happy when we are on the road.  I have some reservations about it,
but I also like it.  Maybe not as much as I used to.  But it's become a part of us now.
When Brutus was alive I hated being away from him for long periods.  Yet we did it.
I was not happy about it.  But like I said it's what we do and it's how we make a living.

 I really like our view and will miss it.  Our road trip takes us to colder climates.
 Hopefully we do not get the flu fright away.  I'm excited for an adventure!

Good morning all.  The next few days will be busy ones.  Want to wish you all
 good times and good days in advance.  Remember wherever you go, go with
all your heart.  It's not about the destination.  It's about the journey.

Life is only half lived if you have never gotten in a car and 
driven off on the open road, going where it takes you..