Nov 8, 2016

Life's Simple Pleasures...

Finding joy in simple pleasures paves the way for a peaceful,
contented and easy life.  Simple pleasures are life's treasures...

I wake up every morning and I see Sniff.  Then I know it is going to be all right.  It's Tuesday 
morning and Sniff and I have already done a few of our "routines"  He's fed, brushed and 
sitting comfortably in one of his favorite spots by the window.  Now he can see everything.

Election day today.  The United States of America will be making history one 
way or the other..Again.  Waiting game now, but soon we together with the rest 
of the world will know the outcome.  No questions as to who my dad is voting for.

My dad was very active during the elections in his hometown in North Carolina.  
I love him so much.  Everything he does he does it with happiness and enthusiasm.  I 
know I took after him.  He is the most generous, kindest and honest person I know. He is 
after all my dad and all the values we his children have came from him and my mom.

The weekend was packed with boats going back and forth.  It was great to just sit out
on the balcony and watch as the boats paraded one after the other.  Relaxing.

Wishing you all a good day and may you always take time to enjoy life's
 simple pleasures.  Remember life brings simple pleasures to us everyday.  It
is up to us to make them wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.

Think big thoughts, but relish small pleasures...