Jun 20, 2017

And So Begins Another Day ~

Positive mind.  Positive vibes.  Positive life...

Branson without doubt has some of the strangest of weathers.  All week last
 week we were close to the mid 90's, yet on Sunday the one day Arvid 
and I have "off" it was an amazingly mild June day.  Temperatures 
were in the 70's.  Made for a great outing with friends.

Even in 90 degrees Arvid wears his long sleeves T-Shirts.  On Sunday he was
 "brave" and was in typical summer clothes.  For a little there it reminded us
 of the life we left behind.  One day we will go back, but for now
  Branson is home and yes, it does have some gorgeous days.

Yesterday after work we decided to do some weed whacking.  
Well I wanted to call the guy who does the yard work, but Arvid 
was positive he could do it.  He bought a weed whacker.  Butchered the
 front yard.  Tomorrow I'm calling the lawn man if he does not.

While Arvid was busy destroying the front yard, Sniff was happy to receive
 is foodies via UPS.  I order his food online now twice a month.  I also buy
 food for Bridgette, one of the kitties at Almost Home.  Everyone Happy!

Yesterday was a good day.  Not much drama in either hotel. It's going
to be a good week.  Weather wise  it is just perfect.  Yay!

To all a good day.  Hope you week has also begun on a positive note.

When life puts you in tough situations, don't say "why me."  Say "try me."