Jun 16, 2017

Here Come The Weekend Again ~

All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast...

No matter how busy our life gets, there are some things that will never change. 
 Breakfast is on of those.  A good breakfast as Arvid says is the best way to 
start your day.  No matter what part of the world we may be in,
 breakfast is always at "home"  It's a relaxing time.

Neither Arvid nor I like to go out for breakfast, and we do not
 like to eat it with anyone else.  Breakfast is sort of a quiet
 time for us.  No matter where we go.

Arvid loves to enjoy his tea, and boy if I only wash the cup when there
 is still some tea left in it..let's just say he will not be too happy.

Fridays at work have gotten to be much better.  Not as hectic as 
it was in the start.  At Arvid's place it used to be his very busy day, 
but not the worst anymore.  He still likes to run around to different stores.
  "Shopping" for the hotel as he puts it.  In that sense, yes the day is busy.

After almost 8 months I finally had a haircut yesterday.  I loved 
everything about it.  The girl who cut my hair was just adorable.  We 
chatted non-stop.  Now looking forward to being a "regular" there.
I love the fact that you can't tell I had a haircut, but I can "see" I did.

Friday again.  Can't believe last Friday Ii was in beautiful Vermont.
I really had such a good time with everyone.  Vermont is so beautiful.  All my 
tenants said to me, "why don't you take me there with you?  I love Vermont."

The above picture was taken by my niece Reshma.  She sent it o me via Messenger.
She's in Maine.  I have asked her and Danielle why it is they never post anything.  Their
 answer: I don't want the world to know everything I do.  As Arvid says, "smart girls."

My nephew Max was in Bangladesh, and if it were not for the girls that went with him 
I would have never seen anything either.  Another one who never posts where he goes.
JC was in Puna Cana.  I never saw a single picture.  I wish they posted at least one.

Maybe there are some smart/wise kids still left.  My cousins visit Cuba
 just about every year.  I have never seen a single picture on Face Book. 
 They are also smart and guard their privacy very much. 

Friday came and Friday will soon be gone.  Enjoy it everyone.  Make
 the most of everyday and just have a great start of the weekend.  Arvid says
he's just happy i am home.  Now he wants to take me somewhere special.
Maybe I should go away a little more often.  Nice being missed.

It's Friday.  Start the day with a smile
 and end it with Champagne...