Jun 5, 2017

Another Week Begins ~

A mind that is stretched by a new experiences 
cannot go back to it's old dimensions...

Not exactly sure why but lately I have been tired. More so than usual. 
Starting to wonder if my thyroid medicine is working properly or not. 
 For sure I have gained an enormous amount of weight. I have learnt 
to accept that, but this tiredness is not something I can accept.

Having to go on to "work" just about 7'days a week does not allow for 
one to be tired.  Yesterday we went to both hotels for a little. Arvid 
 was getting acquainted with some of the things at my place,
 and me always going with him to his after wards. 

 If I go away for a little then Arvid will have to run over to my place
at least once every day.   He will be busy. When he was in Norway I never 
called to ask him anything. Not so sure how it will be with him when I have 
to take off for a few days.  I have already warned him to NOT call me.

Our life has changed so very much. Even though the experience is an amazing
 one I long sometimes for the life we left behind.  I know one day when
 we leave we will miss Branson and all the people here.  

We have changed many lives. I will be the first to admit it.  We have made
 a difference, and on the same token the people here at our hotels have
 changed us as well.  I have met the most kind hearted, generous and caring
 people here in Branson.  One day when we leave it will break my heart.

  One of my tenants told me the other day, " Nadiya, I hope you never leave us."
  Arvid has become a father figure to many.  They love him at his 
hotel and I know Arvid has a soft spot for many as well.

As the new week begins, I look forward to seeing what new 
"adventures" it hold for us.  Everyday is a learning experience.

Today is one year and 7 months our Brutus has been dead.
 Not a day goes by that I don't think of him.  My Brutus stole my heart and
 I miss him so very much.  Today is also one year and 3 month without little Shadow.
  My heart knows all about grief.  I wish I did not know so much sometimes.

May your coffee be strong and you Monday be short.
It's a new week.  It's a new day.  Means new possibilities...