Jun 10, 2017

My Sisters..My Friends..

Sister is probably the most competitive relationship within the family,
 but once the sisters are grown, it becomes the strongest relationship...

There was never a day in my life that I did not think how lucky I am.  
This has not changed today either.  I grew up in a place where it
 was safe to run around, where your neighbors kept an eye out for
 you and life was just plain easy going.  We did not have much 
material stuff, but we sure made up for it in love and affection.

I think many today have a much harder time because of all the all the
different influences and things out there.  Today it seems as if the
 more you have the better a life it is supposed to be.

Not sure this is correct, but to each their own. I see too many people today
with no kindness towards each other, no respect for their elders nor themselves.
 When I was young my parents made us call all our elders aunt or uncle.
 Did not matter if we knew them or not.  Was a sign of respect.

Today I have many aunts and uncles due to this practice,
and each holds a special place in my memories.

How much luckier can a person be?  I have five wonderful sisters who are
 also my very best friends.  Nirvana is the third of five girls.  I am the eldest.
 She lives in Puerto Rico and though we don't see each other than
often we call each other quite often.  Even with my busy
schedule I make sure I talk to all of them often.

I am always happy to be able to see my sisters.  We don't normally
all seem to be able to get together at the same time, due to conflicting schedules,
so anytime it does happen it is a good time.  This weekend I will be spending
 with my parents, 3 sisters and some nieces and nephews in Vermont.  Nirvana
is the only sister who will not be here.  Unfortunately she had other
 commitments, and she was just in Boston for J, her son's graduation

Today as we all have our own lives and have gone through so many changes,
 I look back and sometimes wonder where the years have gone by.

There was a time I took care of my little sisters when my parents were not
 around.  We were so tiny.  Ages 1-4.  Rima was not yet born.  Long
 time ago in Guyana where we lived with my grandma.  Our parents
were abroad in the USA seeking a better life for all of us

My sisters and I have a bond that surpasses everything and everyone.
Sometimes when one of us is sad or just having a not so
good day, we just know it.   Either I or one of the others picks up
the phone and the gap that was there no longer is.

Having a sister is a true gift.  Having four sisters is just four times the joy.

Looking forward to having a good time with all of them and the mopes. 
Many places we will go to.  Shopping, restaurants..everywhere.  So much
 to do in such a short time so have to make every moment count.

What's the good of news if you haven't a sister to share it..
When sisters stand shoulder to shoulder, who stands a chance against us?...