Jun 8, 2017

And So Begins Thursday ~

Create a life that feels good on the inside,
not one that just looks good on the outside...

The drawing below with the 3 kitties was made for me by one of my tenants.  
Stewart knows all about them and asked if I would like for him to draw them.  
Well Yeah!!!  The one at the top represents our Brutus, then of course
 Shadow and Sniff at the bottom.  Some how Arvid thinks the 
one that represents Sniff looks more like Brutus.  

The drawing is beautiful, but I honestly can't see any resemblance
 to Brutus in it.  Even so both Arvid and I like it very much.  
Yesterday stared off on a cooler note same today.  Feels good.

Life in Branson continues to bring us busy days and at times busy nights.
Fortunately all is good.  Sometimes we are more tired than we would like to be, 
but at the same time we know that one day we will be back home in the Sunshine State. 
 Because of that, we look at this phase of our lives as another adventure.

May your day be a bright and happy one.  Filled with love and all
 things good, and may you never forget that there is always, always
something to be grateful for.  Hello Thursday.. let's do it!

In a world where you could be anything, be kind...