Jun 25, 2017

Our Sunday So Far ~

I'm in a flip flop state of mind..

So far our day has been relaxing  and peaceful.  Today Sniff and I slept in
 a half hour longer than Arvid.  Sniff refused to move so I just stayed put.  
Love the feel of him next to me.  He loves his morning sleeps.

After the usual Sunday routines, we took a trip to 76 INN.  Making sure all was 
good.  Then we took a drive to Arkansas.  Believe it or not it's just a half 
hour if not less to cross over from Branson Missouri into Arkansas.

We went to check out a car.  Felt like "old times" all over again.  There we met
some very nice people.  We were introduced to their llama, Bandit the black
 kitty and a few of their roosters.  I had a ball, taking pictures of everything.

The day is beautiful.  Warm and sunny, yet cool in the shade.  
It's not over as yet.  If it stays this way we most definitely would 
like to spend the rest of the afternoon somewhere by the water. 

Hope your Sunday is also a beautiful one.  
Enjoy and make lasting memories.

I'm on a very tight schedule of not getting anything done..