Jun 24, 2017

Saturday ~

New life new discoveries, many more sweet memories.
GO where no one has ever gone DO what others have never done,
LIVE like no one has ever lived...

Rima and family have not moved as yet, but everyday they are one step
 closer to calling California home.  I am already missing them. 
 I know we don't see each other that often, but Virginia seems
 so much closer than California.  Travel wise.

I am already missing Lilly Vade more than I expected.  Like I
 have always said she represents the true meaning of what love is all about.  
Just the other day she texted me.  Very excited.  She said to me, 
"aunty, I can't wait to move to California.  I can't wait to swim in our pool.  
We will live close to Disneyland and I can go whale watching."

Lilly Vade and family are all ready to make the move to California.
It's the rest of us that are not ready to see them leave, but of course at the
 same time we know that this is where Rima and George always wanted to be, 
and we know that the future will be even better for them.  How can one 
argue with facts?  Arvid keeps reminding me that we will be visiting.  

Saturday morning in Branson.  Starts on the "cooler side.  Very refreshing.
To all a very good day.  Soon time to go to "work"

Wanderlust isn't about running away from it all.
It's about experiencing the outside to discover what's on the inside...