Jun 30, 2017

And So Begins Friday ~ Again

I started the week with a big box of patience.  The box is empty now...

Happy it's Friday.  Raining but that's OK. Lot of excitement this week at work.
 Lots of running around as well.  Add to that the fact that I am constantly
 feeling tired made for long days.  Once again I believe my thyroid medicine
is not working great.  Have already started the process of making doctors
 appointments.  Very difficult with the schedule we have, but I am trying.

Today my sister and family begin their journey to Florida.
Nina is sad.  PA has been home to her and David from the time Max and
 Danielle were babies.  The only home Tex their doggie has known.
Yes, Florida awaits them and I know it will be amazing.  I love
you and Arvid and I will visit often when we get back there.

Try what I may it just does not seem to be helping.  No matter how much 
running around I do, I can't seem to drop a single pound.  Truth is 
I think I am actually gaining weight.  I never realized how
 important it is to have your thyroids.  Until of course I had 
none and my entire system is out of whack.

Fridays are usually a bit busier for both Arvid and I.  This is good.  
Hopefully today we will go to the Indian Restaurant.  as become my favorite 
Friday place to have lunch.  I don't care much for buffets, but the Indian
 buffet is something else.  Everything is EXCELLENT!  Can't wait
 to have the tikka masala.  Arvid has gone there with me a few times.  
Don't know how his schedule is today, but for sure I will be going.

Arvid as everyone knows is happy with just bread.
Luckily, I have bought enough to last for a little while.

The hotel business is doing great.  Almost Home is always full.  Because 
I am so selective, I sometimes worry I will probably not let anyone stay there.
  I'm very protective of the place, its reputation and of the tenants
 that call it home.  I will NOT take everyone.

Arvid's place is also full, but with the few nightly rooms there are
 always people coming and going.  Works for him and his crew. 
 I like it quiet and not much come and go at my place.  Like
 I always say, we are both happy at our hotels.

Friday.  Not sure what it brings, but I hope that somewhere there is one of those
 drinks that come with an umbrella.  Makes for a perfect end of the work week.

If you walk a mile in my shoes you will end up in a coffee shop.
Happy Friday everyone.  May your weekend be full of adventure and 
cheerand may the start of next week be a long ways from here...