Jun 26, 2017

And So Begins A New Week ~

It's Monday.  Time to sparkle and shine...

Monday morning.  Neither of us wanted to get out of bed.  Again.
Work calls.  Things to do.  Places to go.  Hello new week.

Today I have have set up an appointment with our security system ant work.  
I need to get a little more familiar with how everything works at my place.
  Hopefully the day will be quiet and without much commotion
 happening, but then most of the times that is the case.

When there is two of us to manage the hotels everything works great, 
but when it's just one of us there is of course always something that happens. 
 Stress build up and lots of hectic moments.  Leaving Arvid on his own was not 
so good.  Hopefully it will not be many of these times we are "alone" 
to manage the hotels.  Works so much better with two.

Wishing everyone a productive week ahead.  We are ready.  Rested and 
I believe prepared for whatever the day may hold.  In this scenario of 
having two hotels it makes me a little unhappy for Sniff.  Brutus had all our 
attention and in so many ways he still has it.  With us being gone for so many hours
 during the day, Sniff is always alone.  Not happy about that.  One day we will be
 back home in Florida, and Sniff Sniff will not lack attention from us.

Happy Monday to all.

It's Monday.  Prefect time to 
reboot  your mind and have a fresh start...