Aug 6, 2017

Little This ~ Little That ~

Years go by, the time it does fly.  And every single second 
is a moment in time that passes oh so quick, and it seems like nothing,
 but when you're looking back it seems like everything...

My sister and husband are in California house hunting. Come mid 
August California will be home to them. They flew into San Diego.

 When I first moved to California the first week was spent  in San Diego.
Right now there is a lot of different emotions going through me.
Not sure what it is but a part of me is far away right now to a
time and place that was once a happy time, but now
 just memories.  I seem to have a lot of those.

Yesterday was a pretty good day until Arvid and I started talking about Brutus.
Then the day turned sad. We held each other and for a few minutes we
were just silent.  The moment passed. How I miss Brutus.

 Sniff comes to us in the evenings. He starts out sleeping between
 Arvid's legs then ends up between mine.  I love these moments with him.

Malas time in Puerto Rico has also come to an end. They had a
wonderful 2 weeks, but now it's back to reality again. As for us,
 the days are moving along fast.  Business is good.  Do I
 miss the life we had back in Florida?  Yes I do!

 Do I like the life we have now?  Amazingly enough, I do. I have grown
very attached to many of my tenants.  They talk to me all the time,
and share with me part of their lives. Yes. I have grow attached to them,
 and when the day comes to leave it will be very difficult for me.
  As one tenant said to me, "this is our last stop in life."

Not sure what we plan to do today.  It is supposed to rain.  Already
had some rain showers, but nothing drastic as of yet.   Looking forward
 to a relaxing day with Arvid and Sniff.  Wishing you all a good one as well.

Life was forever changed with these moments in time.
Some days I wish I could go back in life.  Not to change anything, but
 to feel a few things twice.  Do what makes your soul shine.  Happy Sunday...