Aug 25, 2017

Happy Friday ~

Why limit happy to an hour?  When life 
gives you lemons grab tequila and salt...

Today Brenda and I are going out for drinks after work. We have done it
 before and enjoyed it so much that we decided to give it another go. 
 Tonight I will be having a few of those drinks with umbrellas.  
Looking forward very much to that.  Can't wait!

On Saturday Arvid and his guys are going to the pub.  He has 
also done this with them before.  Both of us happy as can be.

I don't know how the weeks are going by so fast, but it seems as if time is 
just flying by.  Today my niece Reshma embarks on a new chapter in life as well.
  Her parents are driving her to her new home for the next few years.
  Yes college life begins for her.  Her mom and dad will be setting
 her up in her apartment.  Seems like all my nieces and 
nephews are growing up way too fast.

We also Skyped with Michelle and the girls yesterday morning. 
 Our granddaughters are beautiful and they are also getting bigger and
 bigger each time we see them.  Arvid and I are missing out on a lot.  They have 
many grandparents living not far from them.  We live so far.  So far.

Another work week soon comes to an end.  Business is good.  Arvid, 
Sniff and I are good. I have days when I miss Brutus so much.
  To this day Brutus is and will always be my baby.  I love Sniff,
 but Brutus took a part of me with him.  I miss Brutus

As I looked at pictures of Brutus and us, in all of them there was Arvid and
I always holding him.  I try to do the same with Sniff, but not happening
as yet. Arvid rarely picks Sniff up. Not because he does not
want to, but because Sniff fights it and tries to bite us.

Sometimes things don't go as planned.  It's called life...