Aug 17, 2017

Thursday In Branson ~

Because every picture tells a story...

On my way to work I find it sometimes difficult to not stop and take pictures.
  Don't ask me why.  I have many of the same, but as far as I am concerned
everyday the same thing looks different.  As I have mentioned before,
the wheel is one of my favorite attractions to photograph.

I get it from all angles and to this day I am never bored or disappointed with it.
Maybe because it came from Chicago?  Whatever the reason, it  never 
ceases to make me smile and to brighten and cheer up my day.

Most of these attractions are closer to 76 INN.  Arvid's hotel.
Have not really been into any of them, but I still like to pass by and
get pictures. Arvid and I are not one to "do" the attractions. 
No matter where we go. At one time we did, but then we decided
we were not cut out for it.  Making lines is not our thing.

The other day we tried out a "new" place for lunch.  Burgers any which
way you want them.  Arvid loves his burgers and was not disappointed in it,
but when we were done eating he said to me, "how come you did not order
the milkshake?"   Guess next time I will have to get him his milkshake.

The restaurant reminded us a little of Roadhouse in Fort Lauderdale.
The peanuts were there for taking.  When Arvid's daughter Michelle was little 
she loved going to Roadhouse.  She did not eat much, but she loved the peanuts.  All
she used to order at that time was macaroni and cheese.  Now she's a mom with 2 kids.

Just got our deliveries from Pepsi and Coca Cola for the week.  
Everyone is happy and all is good here at Almost Home and 76 Inn.

Happy Thursday to all and may you always live in interesting times.

Just because I post something doesn't mean I am
going through it.   I may just like the quotes...