Aug 11, 2017

Car Show ~It's Friday

Happiness can't be far behind a grateful heart,
and a peaceful mind.  Happy Friday ...

The cars have been cruising along all day long for the last few days. 
 Each day more and more are coming into the city all 
leading up to the midnight cruise on Saturday.  

Arvid and I plan to be there of course.  ll of this is taking 
place right in front of Almost home.  People have already 
started setting up lawn chairs on the side walk.

Yesterday it rained a little.  That slowed down the cars a bit,
 but the rain did not last that long and though it is predicted 
to continue into the weekend, the cars kept on coming.

Everyone keeps telling us that the show is an amazing display of cars.
Over 500 cars are predicted to by through Shepherd of the Hills.  Due to the rain,
 this may not be the case, but even so I'm excited to see the "show"

Arvid and I plan to monitor the parking lot together with Tony.

Well something different this weekend.  Feels like home again.  Life 
in Branson is good.  No complaints here.  Hotels are running smoothly.  
Sniff is happy and Arvid and I are staying busy.  Very busy.

Wishing everyone a great weekend and whatever you do, do it in style.

Make today so awesome that yesterday gets jealous...