Aug 30, 2017

Quiet Days ~

Some days we just need to turn the quiet up...

Just a very quiet and peaceful day here.  Seems like I should be doing something
more strenuous, not going to complain.  Quiet days are also good days. 
Everything running smoothly in both laces.  Can't ask for more.

Just had lunch with Arvid.  Love these moments we have together.
  Feels like we are on a date.  Very relaxing and we get to share
the days events with each other at least half the days events.

Have an open room at Almost Home, well it was open for less than 24 hours,
but already rented.  late check in today.  Not a 9-5 job that's for sure,
but overall fairly self sufficient most of the times.  Both Arvid
and I just like being present.  In our book everything
runs more efficiently when one is present.

What has your day been like so far?

Quiet the mind and the soul will speak...