Aug 21, 2017

The Day ~

With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts...

Known as The Show Me State, Missouri is in for a great show today. 
Yep!  One of the best places to see the Solar Eclipse and we are in the spot.

It is estimated that the center line in Missouri is the closest destination for 31
million Americans! Traffic is going to be super backed up according to the
news,on the other hand Missouri is in for the show of a lifetime.  Of course
you need the right glasses to watch it.  Had a glimpse already!!
The Great American Eclipse is about to happen.

Had a great weekend.  Ready for the new week.  I think I am.

Everyone at Almost Home is brimming with excitement.  Not often
we get to witness a Solar Eclipse.  Next time it happens I sure won't be around.

 To all a good day and enjoy the Solar Eclipse. 
Be safe and hopefully not too many blind people tomorrow.  

Never let success get to your head,
and never let failure get to your heart...