Aug 1, 2017

Anna's Birthday ~

Life should not only be lived.  It should be celebrated...

Birthdays come along every year, but friends like you only 
come once in a lifetime.  I'm so glad you came into my life.

Happy birthday Anna, through the years our friendship has only
 gotten stronger and better.  No distance can ever change the bond
 between us.  A bond forged by tragedy and strengthened by life.

My life in California seems so far away, but having you there
 makes it feel as if I am still a part of the Golden State.  Thank you for
 being the best friend anyone cold ever ask for, for listening and never
 judging.  For being there always.  In the good and not so good times.  

My life s better with you in it.  
Thank you and Happy Birthday Anna.

Today my brother-in-law also celebrates his birthday.  Together with
 my sister and family they have decided to celebrate the big day with a
trip to the Islands.  Yes, Puerto Rico.  Isla del Encanto is where they are.

 Puerto Rico where we grew up and the place that holds only wonderful memories.
  Happy birthday Gopaul and to all of you enjoy your vacation in Puerto Rico.

Hello Tuesday.  To all, take vacations.  Go as many places as you can.
You can always make money.  You can't always make memories.

Our lives are full of change, but our friendship has never changed.
Thanks Anna for enduring with me through the seasons, 
years. Dream big and have a wonderful birthday...