Aug 10, 2017

Hello Thursday ~

Keep calm and be crazy!  Laugh, love and live it up because this
 is the oldest you've been and the youngest you'll ever be again...

She's my step daughter, Arvid's eldest daughter.  Her name is Victoria,
 and I consider her my friend as well.  We have a good relationship,
 and for that I am happy.  She and I have been through some trying
 times, but we came out stronger and with a special bond.

  Today is her birthday.  This girl is AMAZING!  She always gets what
 she wants, and not because it is given to her.  What she gets
 is from her hard work and determination.  She stops at 
nothing to achieve her goals. Goal oriented she is.

Like every year on her birthday she and Michael take a trip to a 
beautiful destination.  This year Marbella and Puerto Banus 
is their destination.  They are actually there right now. 

 As I always tell her may you always live in interesting times,
 and may this journey you are on never stops.  They work hard,
 and play hard.  For the next few days it is sun, beach and 
those fancy drinks served with umbrellas.  

Here in Branson all is good.  The city is gearing up for the Summer
 Cruise car show.  Branson and more specifically Shepherd Of The Hills,
this is where Almost Home is located is expected to see close to 500 cars on display.  
Unfortunately, as of today and through the weekend rain is predicted.

To all a good day, and don't forget to be amazing.

Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire...