Aug 23, 2017

Hello Wednesday ~

The sound of the rain needs no translation.
Start each day with a grateful heart...

Yesterday we woke up to thunder, rain and dark clouds.  It remained that way
most of the day.  Feels like fall right now in Branson, and I really am liking it.
  As I have mentioned before, I am not crazy about hot weather.

I sure did not want to get out of bed, but little Sniff was hungry and he
made me know that it was time for me to get moving and feed him.

My sister Rima and family are all set to leave for California.
  Yes it's not another country, but we are all missing them already. 
My mom is very sad and cries often.  I am also very sad. I know that we will
be visiting, but somehow it's still hard to come to terms with.  On the positive side,
California will be one of our future destinations.   I will also see Anna more.
Come Monday, California will be home for them.  I am feeling nostalgic right now.

My heart is breaking at the though of Gabby, Riley and Lilly Vade being so far away.
I also have a soft spot for Dexter (Pomeranian)  Don't know Marley so much,
but Dexter slept with me many a times when they lived in Texas. 

Life changes and we all change with it.  I know this is a move Rima and
family are super excited for and of course everyone is happy for them....even so.

Making a big life change is scary.  But, know what's scarier?  Regret.
Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end...