Aug 3, 2017


By Thursday morning, we'd gotten over the worst of it....

Good morning beautiful world. Its a new day again. Wish we all have
 a good day.  Nothing particularly stands out on a Thursday, but since everyday
 is a good day why not be it a Thursday, the good thing about Thursday
 is that it's one day closer to the weekend....FRIDAY!

Have a great day all.  Remember you have already made it through
 most of the week., just a little more to go and you can start celebrating the
 weekend.  Happy Thursday!  Time to start planning for the weekend.  Let's make
it an exciting one.  Ours looks like some work and some fun combined

Some of the best times we have had were the summers in Chicago.
 Everyday was a fun filled exciting day.  Weekends were packed with
music, the parks and good restaurants.  Yes, I do miss
 those days, but one day it will happen again.

Here in Branson we are enjoying beautiful sunny days with almost no
humidity. Business is good.  Arvid and I are doing good and so is Sniff.  We
may not have everything we want, but we sure have what we need.

Start every day with a smile and get it over with.  My goal is to
have a good day.  Don't wanna let anything bring me down...