Jun 17, 2021

Thursday June 17 ~

There may be people who have more talent
 than you, but there’s no excuse for anyone to 
work harder than you do – and I believe that...

Today I pick up MacGyver from the vet.  He has already spent
 two nights there, and now to the next location so that he can 
heal before I release him.  Marbles is missing him as am I.

Can't wait for him to be back home where he belongs, and 
where he is happy.  They both still need good homes, so if you
  know of anyone willing to take them please message me. Airfare
 back East (USA) may be provided if they get a good home.

Yesterday we went to Old san Juan and met up with
 my cousins and their families.  Also with my sister 
and Kimsy.  Ten of us all together.  Was loud.

My cousins live in Arizona, but are New Yorkers 100%. 
 They have also all lived at some point in Puerto Rico.  
The twins, Ray, pictured here with his two daughters
 and his brother Ryan (not here) were born in PR.

At the age of 6 they moved to New York, and a few 
years ago made the move to Arizona.  Today Arizona 
will be experiencing a high of 117F (47C)  They
 are very happy to not be there right now.

Sunny morning right now.  We did have bad weather 
earlier, but right now Sniff is enjoying the sunshine 
from his favorite morning spot.  Sniff is a happy boy 
and I love him so much.  He's my happy place.

Good morning everyone.  Week is soon over.  Boy time is sure flying by.

Nothing is permanently perfect. But there are
 perfect moments and the will to choose what 
will bring about more perfect moments...