Jun 10, 2021

Thursday June 10th~ Marbles' Day

 I love the smell of possibility in the morning...

Super excited.  Today I pick up Marbles from the vet.  
She won't be staying with me, but she will be staying
 at another girls' home for a few more days until healed,
 and can be released back into her familiar surroundings. 
 I have grown very attached to her and MacGyver.

If I were living alone, i would keep both of them.  Sniff 
would have someone to play with and they would all have a 
good life together.  But with Arvid it is NOT even a maybe 😢

After 15 months, Arvid and I went to the movies last nice.
  I love going to the movies, and it didn't disappoint.

The movie theater was very empty.  We were
 just five people seeing this movie.  Covid is still
  hanging around.  people are still cautious.

Thursday, so far the sun is out.  Yesterday it rained
 all afternoon/evening  long.  For us it was OK because 
we did not walk.  Instead we enjoyed going to the movies.  
There is always something good in every situation.

Sometimes, a break from your
 routine is the very thing you need...