Jun 4, 2021

Friday June 4th ~

 I'll tell you one thing, it's a cruel, cruel world.
Sometimes surviving is the worst kind of pain...

The homeless population of cats in our complex 
is really getting me down.  Because I am a cat 😿
 owner maybe it  makes it even worse for me.

  In each of their little faces I picture Sniff and
 wonder how would he ever survive in the wild. 
 He won't.  I feed them and do a little extra, but
 even so I is making me sadder by the day.  

The fact that I have reached out to just about every
 organization that helps homeless animals makes 
it even more depressing because none can help. 

 The answer is the same, "we are full"  I'm told to
 just continue feeding them.  So many babies are pregnant.  
Babies having babies.  I have a soft spot for so many.  
They each have a special place already in my heart.

Rascal does not seem to understand that the blades
 on the fence can kill him.  Hopefully now he will and
 wont find himself trapped up there any more.

Marbles is super affectionate.  She loves me, 
follows me and I really love her too.  She gets treats, 
fresh chicken or turkey depending on what I have. 

 She's also spoilt because now she's used to the
 extras.  I don't give it to her everyday because she also 
needs to look for food on her own.  Of course I am always 
tempted to give her her special foods.  She and MacGyver
 are very affectionate.  The both get plenty "extras"

Most of the day is already done with.  It has been 
raining everyday, and today is no exception.  On top of it 
all we will only be having water during certain hours. 

 According to management in our building there is
 a problem and because of that our water supply will
 be interrupted.  Could be just today or several days.  
We do not know.  Island living, you gotta love it.

happy start of the weekend all.  Hopefully you will
 be having beautiful weather. We got great news 
a few hours ago. We will soon be grandparents to
 another little girl.  Today was the big reveal.

Having a soft heart inn a cruel
 world is courage, not weakness...