Jun 9, 2021

Wednesday June 9th ~

 The secret of your future 
is hidden in your daily routines...

Sniff has his routines, another reason I love him so
 much.  He keeps me consistent, and I know what he needs,
 and when he needs it.  He loves to bask in the sun early in the
 mornings before Arvid gets out of bed.  As soon as he hears 
movement in the bedroom his basking in the sun is done. 

 He loves his dada, even though I am the one who
 tends to all his needs.  He does love me as well 😻
Seaweed still everywhere around us.  Smelly!

Yesterday we were without water for some hours. 
 Arvid wanted us to go into San Juan, but I was 
really not in the mood.  I was preoccupied with 
Marbles and how she was doing after surgery.  

  Everything went well.  She stayed overnight and 
I will also be keeping her overnight at the vets today.

  Just to be safe.  All our kitties came home the same
 day, but Marbles will be released in the wild again, so
 better to be safe than sorry.  I missed her this morning.

Myself and another lady who live in our complex
 are working together to spay and neuter Marbles
 and MacGyver.  These two are the friendliest and the 
only ones I can actually touch right now.

Eventually I will consider spaying and neutering 
a few others on my own.  We have to start somewhere. 
 Today I saw 2 new babies 💔😢 It's a vicious cycle.

A brand new day begins.  Arvid says he's not bored 
as yet in Puerto Rico.  says he's not ready to leave nor
 does he miss Fort Lauderdale as yet.  Sniff and I do.

 I miss my home, at the same time I hate the thought 
of leaving the kitties.  I am so torn.  If it were not for 
the kitties I would push to go back home ASAP.

The above was at home in Fort Lauderdale.  
We have a good life.  Won't complain, but I do 
miss that feeling of home where we belong.

I long, as every human being, 
to be at home wherever I find myself...