Jun 23, 2021

Wednesday June 23rd... Now We Wait

 Our willingness to wait reveals the value
 we place on what we are waiting for...

I've got the trap.  It's all set and ready.  Question is who 
will be next to take a trip to the vet.  My window for catching 
them is from 6 AM to 4PM.  During those hours the vet is open,
 and I can take them.  I do not feel comfortable catching a kitty
 and letting them stay all night in the cage.  Seems wrong.

There is food in the trap.  Now it's a matter of waiting. 
 I still have four hours today to see if I can trap one.  If 
not we try again tomorrow.  Sniff senses something is 
going on.  Maybe that's why he's losing fur.  Stressed?

Have checked the trap several times.  No luck so far, 
but the day is not over.  Wednesday.  Be good to us.

Everything comes in time to those who can wait...