Jun 8, 2021

Marbles ~ Spayed June 8th 2021

 I know everything happens for a reason, but
 sometimes I wish I knew what that reason was...

Marbles is the first and hopefully not the last.  
Today she will be spayed, tattoed, and ear tipping. 

 Ear-tipping involves surgically removing a small portion 
of one of a cat's ears while the cat is under anesthesia for spay
 or neuter surgery. It is the universally accepted way to signify 
that a community cat has been spayed or neutered, which 
means no new kittens will be born, and that's a good thing.

Marbles and MacGyver are the best of friends. 
 They are probably brother and sister.  When I caught 
Marbles, MacGyver would not leave her side.  he wanted
 to be with her.  She way crying.  Not used to being in a cage, 
but it is the best in the long run for her. They are always 
together. I saw him looking for her as we drove to the vet.

I'm a nervous wreck.  Hope all goes well for Marbles. 
 I have paid for her to be boarded and cared for for
 2 days at the vets office.  This way if she should 
develop any side effects help is close by.  

 I left her at the vet, and as I walked to the car,
 I could not help but cry and make sure I told the 
girls to please take good care of her.  

Arvid said my downfall would be that
 I care too much.  I'm not sure I can change,
 nor want to.  Would be much easier, but...

Now to wait for the call telling me that everything
 went well.  same call I waited for when Brutus had his
 amputation.  It did not go as I expected.  That call said,
 "Brutus is crashing."  My world collapsed that day.  
Today will definitely be better news🙏

I've learned over and over again that 
life happens on its own terms, not mine...