Jun 2, 2021

Wednesday June 2nd ~

Everything in moderation, including moderation...
The other morning Arvid said to me, "let's go for a
 drive along the coast."  Within minutes we were
 ready and off we went.  Seems like Arvid enjoys 
googling lately.  More than usual.  I'm happy.

The trip was definitely scenic.  Amazing scenery 
everywhere and gorgeous beaches.  Little on the 
off beat path, but nevertheless breathtaking.

Along the drive you cannot miss the expressions of patriotism 
and love the people of Puerto Rico have for their island.

Also along the coast there many restaurants to choose from. 
 First look at them one might have second thoughts, but once you 
sample the food, drinks and the hospitality of the people none of
 that matters.  As they say, you cannot judge a book by its cover.
  If you did you would be missing out on a great experience.

In Puerto Rico it does not matter where you go.  One 
constant will always be the Flamboyan tree.  Right now they
 are blooming everywhere.  It adds beauty to every part of the 
island.  Back home in Florida we have a picture that used
 to hand in the hallway of this tree.  One of my favorites.

Running out of time right now.  many things to do so for now
 this is it.  Another day will post more pictures of our drives 
around the island.  For now wishing everyone a good day.

Do not pray for an easy life, pray for
 the strength to endure a difficult on...