Jul 16, 2020

A Walk In The Park ~ Chicago Coronavirus Times

What a year this has been. We are in this 
together and we will get through this together...

Planning on going for a walk in the park? 
Well be prepared to have your mask on.  Signs 
everywhere telling everyone to keep their mask on 
while enjoying the park.  Definitely not an 
experience I enjoyed.  I hate the mask 😷.

The pictures tell the story of the new norm we are living.

Have we gone too far?  I hate that mask.

I see the same in Fort Lauderdale, 
but not as much as here in Chicago.

Some people seem to really enjoy the whole mask experience.

Of course there were some who "broke" the rules. 
 Arvid and I did in certain parts of our walks.  Like by the 
lakefront.  There we didn't have our masks on.  Most did.

Mask or no mask, the city is beautiful, 
and the best way to enjoy it is by walking.

Hope you have had a great day so far.  Stay safe. 

For the record, if I do get the Coronavirus I
 am attending every MAGA rally there is...